Something interesting to watch…

In recent news, I found a note on Liberty News that a Texas State Judge recently faced a lawsuit that baffles me and humors me at the same time. A group of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS banded together to sue the State of Texas because they felt they were not getting all of the rights due to them.

Go back and re-read that last sentence again.

This one is going to go to the Supreme Court, if the “offended parties” are represented by a legal team with deep enough pockets to take it there. Now, go ahead and click on the link to find out what the judge’s ruling was . . .


2 thoughts on “Something interesting to watch…

  1. “Unlike the rest of the nation, Texas is the only state doing anything to protect and preserve the rights of American citizens.” In response to this comment, what about Arizona? I thought they were pretty active in this regard.

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