Spiritual awakening …

I’ve long said that there is more going on with mankind’s spiritual existence than what western religions want you to know.  One possible reason for that is “control” – people are easier to control when they think the petty things they have (including this one lifetime) are incredibly precious, and in need of preservation at all cost.

In harmony with that sentiment, a dear friend recently sent me a link to the website “Real Good News” – which is published by another friend of hers.  I have not yet looked at nearly as much of the site as I want to, but one of the articles that stood out quickly was this one:


I have, myself, clear and vivid memories of the lifetimes of several previous bodies I’ve used.  I phrase it that way deliberately, because it is my opinion that I’m still the same being, no matter what body I use (or gender it is, or status it gains, etc.).  In my case, I don’t have any great revelations to share.  I was not murdered, and I have not recently been anyone famous.

Take some time and look the site over.  There is a wealth of information on there.  Many different subjects are grouped under easy to navigate tabs using the navigation bar near the top of the main page.  Shoot – I wouldn’t mind having that layout for THIS site!  lol


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