Happy Thanksgiving (USA)…

Due to the modern miracle of scheduling posts in advance, I’m writing this several days before you will read it.  That’s not really anything new – I like to get most of my posts for the week done on Monday, so that I don’t have to spend more than an hour a day at the computer.

Anyhow, today (as you are reading this) is Thanksgiving in the US.  It is the day we celebrate the end of the harvest season, and give thanks for the (hopefully) abundant harvest, friends, family, and good fellowship.  Or at least that is the historical context of the event.  The last 20 years or so it has seemed most Americans use this day to celebrate mock-slaughter and grid-iron mass hysteria over an oval-shaped piece of porcine hide, inflated artificially with air.

I’d like to take this moment to reflect on a milestone.  My blog is approaching 200 followers here on WordPress – an event that I didn’t even dream of when I started this 1.5 years ago.  I’ve never tried to monetize this, or do any of the weirdo things spammers want you to think will make it go viral.  I just write what I think, and let others decide if it is worth reading.  Sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s a funny cat video, or politics, or health care.  It would seem that one of my followers is even an international political watchdog group based in a foreign country!  I’m impressed.

Thank you all for watching my blog, and helping it grow.  Please be safe, the next 6 weeks aren’t just the “holiday season” – they are some of the craziest and most dangerous shopping weeks of the year.


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