Facebook’s name-game woes continue…

Facebook has a policy that they expect every user to use their real, legal name on the site.  They also have a policy that their systems people can suspend accounts if there is a reasonable expectation that a user’s listed name is fake or misleading.

Those two policies collided in a spectacular “fail” moment for Facebook when they suspended the account of a Vietnamese man whose name is pronounced “Poo da Bi”.

Being Vietnamese, the spelling is quite different, and the story is hilarious because there are so many ways Facebook might have avoided embarrassment over this, and they pushed it to a full-blown media circus.



3 thoughts on “Facebook’s name-game woes continue…

  1. Did you hear about the woman named Isis who also had her account suspended? It bothers me that so few people know mythology they didn’t recognize that as a legitimate name. Autocorrect didn’t have the name in my phone, either. It wanted to correct it to the terrorist group. We live in a sad world.

    • Between “political correctness” and religious extremists, the only thing people don’t know anything about these days is the truth. The schools aren’t even trying to teach people how to learn for themselves, they just teach them the bare minimum to pass “standardized tests” aimed at producing effective drones to feed the commercial machine.

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