Self-reflection . . .

Continuing the introspective examination I’ve been doing of late, I believe I have discovered a way to achieve more of a balance to daily livingness.

Well, I don’t think I can actually take credit for this entirely, as it is a program that was known well to ancient peoples.

The primary weakness that intellectual people face is one of physical weakness.  A strong mind is good thing to have, but it lends itself all to quickly to the neglect of your body.  That is what happened to me after I left the military.  My focus shifted to study, and I did not continue some form of activity that would require the mental dedication to physical conditioning.  The result was that my disability did, in just a few years, become the dominate force in determining my physical health.

The way to combat this, especially for those who are gifted with a strong mind and burdened with a disability, is to have an active physical discipline.  Something along the lines of yoga or martial arts.  Life requires balance, and imbalance expresses itself as a disruption of optimum health.

Please, if you are the parent or guardian of a gifted child, do them a HUGE favor and guide them into a lifetime activity that conditions and strengthens the body as much as you aide them in training their mind.


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