Going viral?

One of the very frequent “comments” I get on my blogs (the comments I don’t allow to post)  is an offer to help me with something called SEO Optimization, aimed at getting wider readership and making my blogs go viral.

I do not care if my blogs go viral or not.  In fact, if I have a choice, I’d prefer they don’t.

Let me explain.  Going viral means you’ve been read, re-blogged, then someone posted a link on Facebook or Twitter . . . .

I do NOT want my material on Facebook, or Twitter.  Furthermore, if that many people are reading it and liking it, that means I’m appealing to the wrong (IMHO) group of people – aka “the lowest common denominator” group.  I’m mostly writing for myself, but sharing the things I write out of the belief that there are a few people out there who are on a similar path through life, and that my thoughts and experiences might help them.  I step on toes, my own included, and do it deliberately to provoke introspective examination.  I deliberately “play devil’s advocate” at times, to help illustrate the need for balance, tolerance, or unity.  These are not things that appeal to the masses.  I write for people who want to grow as individuals.

There is no way you can convince me that there are even a half-million people like that.  So, if something I write goes viral, IMHO I’ve screwed up.


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