This past Saturday night, after my wife went to sleep and as I was sitting down to do some late-night gaming, I heard a loud noise. The one in the headline.

No, it wasn’t me, nor was it any part of my body. It was a spring in the back of the recliner. It’s completely broken, and no longer provides any horizontal support across the middle of the back.

Monday I checked online for furniture repair places in this area – the only one I found was in Joplin, MO. So, I called them, and found out that their BASE fee is $80/hr – and this sort of repair could run $300 – $400 USD (depending on the type of spring it needed).

I can see how, if you have a matched set of expensive furniture, this might be a price that is within reason, to save part of the set.

This recliner cost us about $15 at a garage sale. About 8 years ago. No, I did not schedule an intervention of the broken spring. Instead, after supper Monday evening, my wife and I went out to Home Depot to see what we could get. Our local store doesn’t carry livingroom furniture. So, we drove out to the store we bought my bed at 2 years ago – it keeps banker’s hours, literally. After supper that store is dark. Finally, we drove to the other end of town, to WESTCO. They were closed, too.

When we got home, we talked it over and decided to rearrange our schedule, to get Saturday freed up so we can spend the whole day shopping for a new recliner.

Still, I’m glad to know about the furniture repair center in Joplin. They had video on their website of “recent jobs” they’ve done, and they do good work. You see, we have a foundling – this antique solid-oak bookcase we found beside a trash dumpster, that some crazy fool did a bad job of covering in latex enamel paint, and I’ve been dying to get it restored . . . .


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