*POP* (Update)

As I posted a couple of days ago, Saturday evening the horizontal back support spring in my recliner broke.

Well, my wife was taking yesterday off from work anyway (we had a few other things to take care of) so, while we were out and about, we ran by Moore’s Furniture, which was closed Monday evening when we went by. Yesterday they were open, happy to see us, and eager to help us get just exactly what we honestly wanted. I specifically did NOT want anything that glides, rocks, or has faux leather on it.

We found a great recliner with a fabric upholstery for $399, with free same-day delivery. Actually, same day was being generous – they delivered it within an hour. Oh, and they hauled off one of our old chairs. Interestingly – my wife opted to keep the one with the broken back support and get rid of a solid pine frame chair she had been using that she didn’t really think was all that comfortable.


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