POTUS – me?

It happened again. Someone who read my page “2016 – What the next POTUS should do” sent me a private message asking me if I had thought about running for President myself. I responded that I’m not launching a campaign myself, but if someone else launched it and “drafted” me, I would run.

Honestly, the first draft of that page was intended to be something of a position paper specifically to launch such a campaign. Being realistic, it would be quite an uphill battle. First off – I have no big-money connections to finance a campaign. Secondly, I have no idea how to organize such a thing. Third, and perhaps most importantly, I’m a registered Independent who leans Libertarian. Oh, and I’m “differently-able”.

However, it is sometimes fun to play with the idea. For instance – the first thing every new POTUS has to do is appoint their cabinet. This is the biggest early indication of what sort of President they will be. Do they surround themselves with “YES MEN” or with acknowledged experts?

Hoping that they all could and would accept, allowing that any blanks mean I don’t know enough about possible contenders to make a good choice, here is my “dream team” for 2016:

Vice President: Herman Cain

US Attorney General:  Kathryn Ruemmler

White House Chief of Staff: Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody

White House Science Advisor: Neil deGrasse Tyson

White House Press Secretary: Felicia Day

Department of Education: Ian Brighthope

Department of Energy: Elon Musk

Department of Homeland Security: Edward Snowden

Secretary of Treasury: Paul Ryan

Secretary of State: Rand Paul

Secretary of Defense: Rick Perry

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Gen. Frank J. Grass

Department of INS: Jim Robb

Fed Chairman:

FCC Chairman:

US Ambassador to the UN: Ignatius Piazza

US Ambassador to Israel: Steven Spielberg

US Surgeon General: Dr. Dan Rogers, MD  or Dr. Mark Hyman, MD


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