A crazy dream . . .

The last time I slept, I had a dream that was “wayyyyyyy out there”.  Calling it bizarre would be a kindness.

In the dream, I was a professional assassin.  I was “usually” pretty good.  Then I got a job where I had a significant travel to get to the meeting for the details, and when I arrived in the area, I rented a car.  I put my “gear” in the car, in the trunk (or as you Brits would say, in the boot).

After the meeting where I got the assignment, I stopped to fuel the car.  While I was inside the service station paying for the fuel, a car thief nabbed MY RENTAL CAR.

Through the rest of the dream I was frantically chasing that car thief around trying to get my stuff back, so I could go to work.  LOL!


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