Car update . . .

We had another idea – a repair shop we’d previously taken the car to for an oil change (we haven’t known about them very long, so don’t really know much) has a good local reputation, so I called them.  Not only were they happy to look at it – they could get it in today.  So, I called AAA.  The car is at the shop now, and I’m waiting for the call to find out what is wrong.

The receptionist had a good laugh with me when I told them that the Goodyear store tried to convince us that it was a cracked flywheel.  FYI – if a shop ever tries to sell you that, I hope you need fertilizer.  I’ve talked to a few different shops that specialize in transmission repair – flywheels do NOT crack.  EVER.  Any shop that tries to use that is wanting to pad their profits at YOUR expense.  As I said in a previous post, the labor charge on dropping a transmission is around $750 – pure profit if they already know they don’t have to actually drop it.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s about as crooked as any repair shop can get.  KANSASLAND TIRE will never see a car of mine again.


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