Snoopy – the cat . . .

Someone once made note of the fact that sharing your home with a cat means never having a moment’s privacy.  My wife will certainly attest to that; both of our cats have followed her into the bathroom many times each.  They won’t follow me, because I don’t allow them past the doorway.  They will sit outside and wait, though.

A couple of days ago my wife threatened the male cat (Merlin) with a name-change.  She said we should have named him “Snoopy” – because he not only observes everything that we do, but gets into everything we leave out.

Today my wife was a bit rushed getting ready for work, because she was running a few minutes late.  About 5 minutes after she pecked me on the cheek and ran out the door, I heard this very pitiful “meow”.  It sounded rather muffled.

Upon searching, I found Merlin – INSIDE the bathroom with the door closed.  Silly cat.


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