Not customer service oriented . . .

This rant is brought to you by WCA, the national chain of waste collection (trash hauling) “professionals”.

Last week, when my wife was taking some time off to manage stress from work, she answered the door when a WCA driver knocked.  We’ve been getting our trash picked up by WCA for a couple of years, but not by any choice of ours.  They bought out the company we chose, who had always given us good service.

The driver wanted us to change where we were putting our trash for pick up.  I was sleeping, and my wife was unprepared for the confrontation, so she just guessed that it would be alright.

It isn’t.

I try to take care of the trash as much as I can, because my wife already does enough, and the city doesn’t want us putting the trash to the curb until the night before pickup.  Also, the city insists that we return the dumpster to behind the house by noon of the day of pickup.  So, I have been using the driveway to move the dumpster because it is easier on my leg.  The ground between the garage and the side-street is uneven and has no walkway, sidewalk, or driveway.  Being disabled, that is a major consideration.

So, last night, I put the dumpster out where I have since we bought the house.  This morning when the driver came by, he moved it down the public sidewalk to the corner, more than doubling the distance I have to drag it back.  When I tried to call the company, the local number they acquired when they took over our old service had been disconnected.  Now we have to call their office in JOPLIN, MO, just to address a customer service issue, and they don’t publish an 1-800 number.

I called anyhow, and the receptionist asked me how they could help.  I described the problem, and she transferred me to a “supervisor”.  I got his voicemail.  There is no telling when he’s going to hear the message, let alone respond.

I think it’s time to get a new service.


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