Soylent … green?

My wife found the following website, and sent the link to me:

FYI: it is advertising a new product, available in the US and Canada, that looks to me like a milk substitute, based on soy protein and oils.

My personal consideration about it is the use of soy protein – I’ve read enough research to realize that soy is converted by the body into estrogen.  For women, it is likely to be a primary cause of fibroids, endometriosis, and breast cancer.  For men, obesity, “moobs”, and prostate/testicular cancer.

There are three hormones at play here: estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.  Women need a careful balance of estrogen to progesterone; while men need to keep estrogen and testosterone in balance.  Perhaps “balance” is the wrong word, because the amounts needed for optimum health are far from equal.  But the point I’m trying to make here is that when you consume something that your body converts to estrogen, it absolutely WILL throw out those ratios of hormones your body produces naturally.

Something to think about.


3 thoughts on “Soylent … green?

  1. Other than the issues with soy itself (I don’t eat it unless it’s a tiny bit of the ingredient list, and I don’t buy soy milk) – that NAME. Who is going to buy a product that references Soylent Green?? Lol.

    Okay. I might, if I ate soy. 🙂

    • I get the feeling that the people who came up with that name were either deliberately playing off of the movie, or they were completely oblivious to it.

      • I went to their twitter feed to make a joke about it, and the last tweet they had made was “it’s beige” in response to someone who thought the same way I did. If they had named it that way intentionally, I would think they would joke about it instead of just giving a two word answer. So I’m guessing they are clueless – which means they should have done at least a bare minimum of market research before they named their product. A Google search of “Soylent” would have given them a huge reason not to use the name if they weren’t willing to play up the humor factor!

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