Judge Rules Clinton Exhibited ‘Wrong-Doing and Bad Faith’

Nothing on TV as entertaining as this year’s political theater.


by Eric Zuesse


A U.S. District Court Judge ruled, on Tuesday March 29th, that in the civil matter of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails, “there is evidence of government wrong-doing and bad faith.” Consequently, he has granted to Clinton’s adversary in the proceedings, Judicial Watch, what they had been seeking, which was “limited discovery” to seek further evidence about what she had done and why. (NOTE: This is not in the FBI’s potential criminal case against her, which remains at a preliminary stage. A main purpose of the civil case is to develop evidence that can assist in a potential criminal prosecution against the defendant.)

The Judge, Royce C. Lambreth, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, further noted that there have been “constantly shifting admissions by the Government and the former officials.” This was a veiled reference to the former Secretary of State, Clinton.


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2 thoughts on “Judge Rules Clinton Exhibited ‘Wrong-Doing and Bad Faith’

  1. I am amazed that she is running for office while this is going on, and furthermore, that anyone would want to vote for her considering what she is accused of.

    • She’s counting on being able to obfuscate the truth long enough to get elected, and then using her position for protection against prosecution. The best chance at justice the American people have is for charges to be filed BEFORE she gets the Democratic nomination.

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