A very busy day . . .

Yesterday was a busy day.

First, the city arrived and put in our 2 new trees (both elms, which will eventually provide afternoon shade for the new sidewalk).  They are in the ground and happy (I think?).  Late last night, Gaia even took care of watering them.

Then I had to call my wife to let her know I was calling an HVAC repairman – at 0900 it was 5F degrees hotter inside the house than it was outside the house, with the A/C turned on.  They arrived at around 1400 (2pm).

Shortly after noon, our mowers arrived – one of them, anyhow.  He told me that his son and daughter-in-law (the other 2) both fell off of a ladder 2 days before while working on some guttering (they also have a guttering and downspout business).  She was about 10 feet off the ground, and landed on the concrete driveway.  He was higher up, but a garden table partially broke his fall.  Both were rendered unconscious by the impacts, but they are doing alright now.

Then the HVAC repairman told me that the problem was 2 parts of our system quit working.  Both could be replaced, but he didn’t have either part on his truck.  One was a capacitor, the other was a circuit breaker.  He has capacitors on his truck – but not for 27 year-old systems.  So, he had to drive out to a supply store to get the parts.  It was all working again before my wife got home from work.

Oh, and though it’s a minor detail in such a busy day – I got an email from the eBay seller we bought a covered litter box from – you really DON’T want to know why we needed that – with a tracking number.  Testing the tracking number at 1430 told me that the package had already reached Lenexa, KS at noon.  While it MIGHT have been able to get here by the end of the day, I was already expecting it to arrive today.  Yep, I was right on it not arriving yesterday, at least.

Oh, and somehow during all of that I still managed to fit in a workout on our new weight bench (despite the severe temp and humidity – there was a storm system wrapping itself around our area all day).


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