Lying electronics . . .

Alright, I suppose anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely.

I try to avoid being obsessive about the numbers on the bathroom scale, but I do step on it every now and then to monitor my results.  I’ve now been on the Paleo diet for over a year and a half, and I have confirmed that my weight has dropped from 248 to 190.  I was quite happy with that, and not even distressed when it went back up to 196 – because I got a weight bench and started doing bench presses and leg curls a few times a week.  I took the increase as an indication that I was toning up muscle, which weighs more than blubber.

But I am having a lot of trouble believing what I saw on the scale this morning.  So much trouble believing it, that I stepped off the scale, let the LED display clear, and tried it again.  With the same results.  Exactly.

So, the number I didn’t want to believe?  165.0 pounds.  One hundred and sixty-five pounds.  I haven’t been that light since 1984.  It CAN’T be right.

I’m going to get a new battery.  Or maybe a new scale.


4 thoughts on “Lying electronics . . .

  1. Hahaha Do you ever read ?? Mark is my paleo guru. Every Friday he posts a testimonial. It’s amazing. It might make a believer of you.

    • I look at it every now and then, but only for the advice about the diet. His views on exercise are rather extreme for my current situation. But, if I can get my femur replaced and the tear in my abdominal wall fixed . . . .

  2. Right. I ignore the parts of his advice that I don’t agree with. haha I’ll forward you a Friday testimonial when I think it is appropriate. They usually bring tears to my eyes…

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