Lying Electronics – solution . . .

Alright, I figured out what happened with the bathroom scale, but to share it I have to explain something that some of you will quickly relate to.

It has to do with cats – and their toys.  When we first accepted the two cats who conquered our home, we tried to entertain them with toys we purchased from a local pet store.  They didn’t like those – and preferred to play with things we would normally have called “trash”.

One such thing that has been a source of endless fascination to the male (Merlin) is the purple rings that came off of mayonnaise jars (before we stopped buying it).  We still have about a dozen of them around, and every few days he’ll discover one and spend 10 or 15 minutes chasing it around the kitchen floor.  About once a month we’ll clean out under the refrigerator or freezer, and find half of them stuck under there with the dust bunnies.

Anyhow, because it is about the only solid floor in the house, the kitchen floor is also where we keep the bathroom scale.  After I posted yesterday’s blog, it occurred to me that I needed to look at the battery for the scale, because I couldn’t remember what type of battery it needed.

When I picked up the scale, I saw a purple ring that had been hiding under the LED display.

If you’re already laughing – so did I.  I scooted the ring out of the way, and put the scale back on the floor.  When I stepped on it again, it registered the much more believable number of 198.


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