Interesting surprise . . .

When my wife goes out grocery shopping on the weekends, she frequently includes a visit to one (or several) thrift stores.  Especially one called “The Doggie Bag” which supports the local Humane Society with the profits they make.

On a recent visit she picked up a pair of black denim shorts for me.  When she got home with them, I tried them on.  They were VERY tight, but she assured me that the tag the store had put on them said the waist was 36″.  The good news was that I did manage to get them on, fastened, and zipped.  The bad news was that I stood there debating for several minutes about whether or not I would want to wear them for a whole day.

When she noticed that the shorts had pleats in the front, that was the death blow.  I don’t like pleats, because they exaggerate my already large middle area. So, I took them off and she agreed to return them.  But, as she was folding them back up, she took a look at the manufacturer’s tag inside – which said “waist size 34”.

It was a good surprise.  Keep in mind that less than 2 years ago I was wearing 38″ pants, and they were getting tight as my actual weight climbed over 245 lbs.  Now, thanks to my finding and (most of the time) following the Paleo Diet, I’m under 200, putting on some muscle, and for 3 minutes I was wearing 34″ shorts.

This is getting interesting.

On another note: you know the weather has your number when the OVERNIGHT LOW for your area has a heat index number attached to it.


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