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Today I’m doing something a little different.  Instead of one of my usual graphics about something thought-provoking or humorous, I’ve opted to actually write something.  One of my recent posts (7/16) had the honor of a dear friend telling me that it “shifted my viewpoint” – and this is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate goal of every person who shares spiritual ideas or life insights with others.  Each and every one of us who is on a life path to grow as a being cares first about making our own growth continue, but when we can succeed in helping another who is also trying to grow it is awesome!

Anyhow, one of the places that I look to for helpful ideas and products to further my self-help practice is  They are totally focused on individual spiritual growth products, and some of their blogs do shift MY viewpoints.  I recently got an email from one of their staff – you and I would call her a “customer service representative” – and something jumped out and wouldn’t let go of my attention until I acknowledged it.

When she signed off on the email, she gave her name and job title.  It was the job title that got my attention.  Chief Happiness Manager – that was her title.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all “Happiness Managers” – and we all stopped “doing jobs” and started making it our job, no matter what it was, about ensuring the happiness of those we encounter?  Not just putting our own best foot forward, but helping others to put their own forward as well?  I know my friend does this – everything about her job (and her husband’s, for that matter) is about finding ways to make the lives of other people better.  Not in her opinion, but THEIRS.  She is so good at doing this that you begin to feel more at peace just by being in the same room with her.

This world needs a LOT more of that.  Let’s all be “Happiness Managers”.  Stop trying to be at the front of the line – at the checkout or the traffic light.  Stop trying to force others to see that we’re right, and try making them feel secure that they are right FOR THEM.  Make it your daily mission to put a genuine, heart-felt smile on other people’s faces, or find a way to make the burden they carry lighter.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Posts . . .

  1. This is good, Vernon! I like it. I couldn’t help think about the other side of coin and telling a person who is complaining, “What do you think I am? Your ‘happiness manager?'” LOL

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