2-3 days . . .

Seriously, what is this country coming to?

A little while back, I was talking to my dad and he mentioned that he had an extra “Trump for President” yard sign, and asked if I wanted it.  Needing an excuse to get him here (I hadn’t yet delivered his birthday present, which was overdue at that point) and preferring Donald to Hillary anyhow, I accepted.

When he got to our house, the first thing he did was put it in our front yard.

I really didn’t pay that much attention, but I did notice that 2-3 days later it was gone.  Missing.  Vanished.

Seriously, is this country now so polarized that the only acceptable response to someone putting up a yard sign is to STEAL it?  Cue the violins, Nero has a solo coming up . . . .


9 thoughts on “2-3 days . . .

  1. I’ve heard a lot of this going on. At first I thought someone wanted to steal your Trump sign so they could put it in their yard and then I found out they are destroying them. One thing cool about Idaho and Washington, I’ve never seen a Hillary sign. However, today, I saw a vehicle all red white and blue and in big letters, very professionally painted, it said, “HILLARY FOR PRISONER.” I laughed my socks off! hahaha

  2. I loved what Trump said last night, that he will not agree right now to accept the election results if he doesn’t win. I thought that was courageous of him to say that. I thought he did well last night, considering what he is up against…

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