Not working out . . .

Yesterday I posted that I have just under 90 days to do something different with my blogging, because WordPress is changing the rules here and I’ll no longer be able to play on their field.  It wasn’t very long before a good friend pointed out that she couldn’t find a way to subscribe to my original blog the way WordPress is set up to do.

She’s right.  I’ve looked it over, and even talked to the help desk.  Livejournal doesn’t have that capacity at all.  Neither does my preferred alternate idea – Dreamwidth Studios.

Which is leaving me pretty much between a rock and a hard place with WordPress.  They are going to require 2-step verification in less than 3 months, but I do not have a cell phone for them to send text messages to.  My house landline won’t work.  So, in less than 90 days, I loose this blog even if I pay the fee for the URL listing.

I don’t know what to do.


5 thoughts on “Not working out . . .

  1. Anita Warren says:

    How about getting a temporary cell phone and then giving it up? Or one of those really super cheap ones that you have to pay in advance. I think you could even get one at Walmart that’s super dirt cheap but it gives your phone number and then you don’t have to load it until you need to. There must be a way. I wonder if you Google free cell phone?

    • I do understand your suggestion. It’s not a bad idea for someone who doesn’t have one for most normal reasons. I don’t have one because I don’t WANT one. I almost never leave this house, so I have no reason to have a 2nd phone to answer right here in my living room. I’m also opposed to all text messaging just on the principle that the US government monitors all text networks with the world’s most advanced computers doing the filtering.

    • I don’t know. It’s getting rough. I’ve already lost touch with friends, relatives, and even my daughter – all over trying to defend my beliefs. I feel cut off from the world, and so out of step with it that it feels like I’m dancing a waltz to heavy metal rock music. I don’t see any place in this world where I actually fit.

      • I totally understand your frustration. Are there other blog options out there? I do love the image of dancing a waltz to heavy metal music! ;P

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