Thinking about Brexit . . .

FYI – if you don’t already know, Brexit is a coined term, and is a contraction of the two words “British Exit” used in reference to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

There is something very humorous, and somewhat tragic, about the current state of affairs in the UK. While the British are triggering their own move to independence from the EU, they are simultaneously blocking Scotland from holding a referendum on becoming sovereign themselves. The humorous part is that they are using a previous referendum’s results to justify their block.

The tragic part is – Britain seems to be incapable of admitting that they themselves have nullified the result of the previous referendum.


It’s easy – the previous referendum was about whether or not Scotland should become an independent nation. At the time, remaining in the UK ALSO meant remaining in the EU. By triggering Brexit, Britain has changed the conditions the vote was held under, shortly after it was held.

Now that Britain is leaving the EU, Scotland has a right to again ask it’s citizens whether they want to be British or remain in the EU, because NOW they are two very different questions.


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