Veteran’s Hospitals have a math problem . . .

Ok, first let me acknowledge that I DO understand that there are health issues to be concerned with.  Still – this goes way beyond health, into absurdity.

The specific problem I’m talking about is with the prescriptions for Imitrex that I’ve been getting.  Ever since I started getting it – they have only sent me 18 pills at a time, and limited me to one refill every 3 months.  About 2 weeks ago, I sent them a secure message asking for another refill.  So far, they have only given me 25mg tablets, but I know it is available in dosages as high as 100mg, so I asked if I could get either a higher dose, or more pills, or both, since I keep running out.

They replied that they limit the number of pills they send because they don’t want me to exceed the 200mg maximum dosage per day.  So, here is where they have a math problem.

They only send me 18 pills every 3 months.  It takes 8 25mg pills to REACH 200mg for a day.  Each of my migraines lasts 3-4 days, and I usually have about 3 migraines every month.  I run out of pills if – ONLY on days I have a migraine – I only take 1 pill each day.

To actually risk excessive dosage, I’d first have to have enough pills to TAKE an excessive dosage – because running out is a MISERABLE option.  So, 8 pills per day for 9 days a month for 3 months.  The ABSOLUTE minimum number of pills I need for a 3 month prescription is 216, IF I was taking 200mg per migraine day.  Some months I’d need as many as 336 at that dosage level.  Still, even at the minimum – the actual prescriptions they have given me have fallen short by almost 200 pills every 3 months.

And the fools wonder why I haven’t gotten enough help from their treatment protocol to be able to return to work.


3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Hospitals have a math problem . . .

  1. I can soooo relate to this post, Vernon…. That is just about how many migraines I was getting per month, before it finally began to turn around. I had decided life was not worth living… LOL Not funny I know, but that is when the solutions started coming… I still think we should get you into a cefaly. Imitrex was a good turning point, but I had to take so much of it, begging for more at the end of each month. But the cefaly has truly been a solution…

    Hugs, Anita


    • My wife and I have talked it over, and we agree that we need a cafaly for me. If we had room on the credit card, we’d just write a check today. Instead, she’s putting money aside from every paycheck to get it, but that’s still a few months away. Bills seem to just never end – the irony of course being that if I was working, I’d earn enough to get the cefaly in just a couple of paydays.

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