My Wife Is Hot . . .

I always thought so, but now I have scientific proof.

You see, my wife had the bright idea of trying to identify what was generating heat in our house, to see what we could do to reduce our utility bills.  So, to accomplish this, she suggested that I go on eBay and buy a non-contact digital thermometer, so we could see what was generating heat (or leaking it) around our house.

We managed to get one that was only around $15 USD, so we weren’t upset at the price.  It arrived the day before yesterday, and we started identifying heat flows.

We confirmed that our bathrooom is the hottest room in the house, at 73F.  The front door was 69F.  The water heater is 65F – when idle.  We haven’t tested it while it’s actively heating water, yet.

So, since the objective was to identify what we could use to passively heat the house during the winter, so we reduce the utility bills as much as we can, I got playful and aimed the thermometer at my wife while she was topless.  99F degrees.  The cats – 76F.  Me, 86F.

There seems to be no doubt about it – to best control our winter utility bills, my wife needs to be naked any time she’s inside our house.  She is the hottest thing in it!  LOL!


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