Do Not Call – broken . . .

Way back when Missouri was one of the first states to implement a Do Not Call law, my wife and I put our phones (at the time we both had a cell phone, and we had a home phone) on the list.  When the law went national, we were on the list even before the law was enforced.

We have never let our phones not be protected by the Do Not Call list, since.  However, I’ve noticed that the last few years have seen a dramatic spike in calls coming in anyway.   When I request to be removed from the contact list the caller is using, they sometimes laugh.  Sometimes they are belligerent, sometimes argumentative, and sometimes they hang up on me before I finish stating the request.  One thing they all have in common – the person I actually talk to has a very pronounced accent – like they are calling from India or somewhere in that area.

The Federal Do Not Call law is wonderful – but it is broken because it does not stop a call center from calling if the physical location of the call center is outside of the United States.  I’m a daytime sleeper – every telemarketing call I get interrupts my sleep.  Some days I get so many calls that I get no sleep at all (like today).  I got at least 4 calls that all had the exact same female voice trying to entice me to explore getting credit cards with a lower rate – today alone!

The Do Not Call law needs to be strengthened to force telephone service providers to block ALL international robot-calls – AT NO EXPENSE TO US.  No extra fees, no inflated values of existing fees – just block the calls.  It can be done with their computers.


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