Exposed a lie . . .

Yesterday was a very long, but ultimately worthwhile, day for us.  It was my first visit to the new VA Health clinic in Joplin.

Of course, being a new facility, it looked nice.  In fact, it’s so new that the installed TV’s weren’t hooked up to any programming, yet.  LOL! To me, that was actually a good thing – we didn’t have to sit through hours of TV commercials while waiting for my appointments.

Anyway, the new care team I’m working with is AMAZING!  Every member of the team is either a veteran, or directly connected to a veteran.  They all expressed that they want to treat every veteran the way they’d want their family to be treated.

A direct result of that was exposing a lie told by my previous care doctor.  The previous one had told me, many times, that the Imitrex he was giving me was the ONLY prescription for Imitrex he could write.  10mg tablets, 9 tablets per 90 days, no automatic refills.  Yesterday’s visit with the new doc was RUSHED – his nurse said the doc usually wants to spend 2-3 hours working with a new patient on the first visit (I got 15 minutes because of a scheduling glitch) – yet he heard my complaint about the Imitrex and had no qualms about writing a new prescription for Imitrex at 50mg, 18 tablets per MONTH, with auto refill.

I think, in the long term, this is going to be a better experience, with another positive change scheduled to happen in June.  That change will come from Congress, so we’ll see how it works.


3 thoughts on “Exposed a lie . . .

  1. Anita Warren says:

    This is so good to hear. No wonder the Imitrex didn’t work. 10 mg, ridiculous. I was always prescribed 50-100mg, which worked! I found that the Imitrex combined with using the cefaly actually eventually gave me the full desired result. Bless you.

    • vernonpope says:

      I’m going to have to wait a few days – perhaps a week – until I get the prescription. However, I’m hopeful that when I get it, I will start to get better results. Since it’s been over 6 months since my last use of the Cefaly, I think I’ll even try using it again, after I get the new Imatrex prescription.

      • Anita Warren says:

        Sound like a perfect plan. If I can be of any help, let me know.

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