Updates . . .

About the whole envelope that my dad delivered yesterday, I decided to leave the decision to my wife, and she opened it.  Inside was a standard birthday card that you can buy almost anywhere, and $10 in cash.  No note, letter, or anything.  I told my wife to donate the $10 to a local charity that supports the Humane Society, and tossed the rest back in the trash.

So, nothing has changed, except that I know for certain my mom thinks money can buy her way back into my life.  Please note that she didn’t even TRY to apologize.

What I didn’t mention yesterday is that we have had storm activity here every day since Friday last week – except on the 23rd.  So, I was exhausted and not thinking my best when dad ambushed me with that card.  It would have been the perfect occasion to tell him that she (mom) should be grateful she got to finish her life outside of a prison cell.  What she did to me is, in Kansas law, called “deprogramming” and it is a felony.  Since it happened in Kansas, I could have reported her and pressed charges.  Instead I let her keep her “good name” and only wanted to never receive any form of communication from her ever again.


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