What is it?

I have a photo (actually 2 of them) to share from a recent experience.  First, I should warn you that the images may be disturbing to some people.

So, what is it?

Ha, ha.  I’ll bet you thought it was my choice of Halloween Costume for this year!  Not even close.  It’s also not photographic evidence of my wife beating me up.  Such a thing has never happened. Here is another view:

Okay, I’ll spill.  Actually, that’s what I did.  I spilled off my front porch Saturday morning at around 9:30 am Central USA time zone. This is an example of why multi-tasking is such a horrendous idea that it should be outlawed.  I was heading out to the front yard to trim some more tree branches, and instead of watching where I was walking, I was thinking about where I was going to make the cuts.  Turned out, I didn’t make any!  What I did instead was a beautiful swan dive off the porch, head first into the sidewalk at the bottom of the stairs.

So, I did have to go to the ER – about 10 stitches in my right eyebrow, and a broken bone in my right wrist. Other than that, there is a lot of bruising that is keeping me uncomfortable, but I’m alright.

Eckhart Tolle wrote a whole book on the importance of “NOW”  Veterans of Scientology would call it “Being in present time”.  It all boils down to this lesson:  Whatever you’re doing, make it the ONLY thing you’re doing, do it well and completely, and only then move on to the next thing.


6 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Anita Warren says:

    OMG poor baby…. Aleve can help with the inflammation, which allows you to feel better and heal faster. I have a similar picture of myself after I took a nosedive into some cement steps while my attention was on the ice cream I was eating… LOL When I landed the cup of ice cream was still upright! Goes to show what I consider to be important! Bless you, Vernon 🙏

    • Thank you, Anita. I spent the rest of the weekend taking care of him. I made him some tea with lemon balm and echinacea that is supposed to help with wound healing. I don’t know if it is just the tea, but he does seem to be healing quickly.

  2. For some crazy reason, this reminds me of the story my mom told me about something silly my brother did when he was a kid. He was a fan of Superman, so one day, he took it into his head to pretend he was Superman. He tied one of Mom’s bath towels around his neck like a cape and rode the handlebars of his bike down the street. Then, he fell off the bike. Ouch!

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