Saturday Posts . . .

Today is the birthday one of my best friend’s.  Her name is Eibhlin (pronounced like Eliene)  – and she is an artist who’s mother was one of the original Disney animation artists.  She and I share several areas of intellectual. interests, not the least of which are interests in the paranormal and fine arts.

I truly hope that she has a wonderful birthday, and that she’s achieving everything she hopes to make of her life.

Happy Birthday,  Eibhlin.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Posts . . .

  1. Happy Birthday, Eibhlin! We have never met, but you have been Vernon’s friend for many years. Any friend of his I consider a friend of mine. 😀

  2. I think I knew her a long time ago, via some art groups. I think I found you through her, too. I haven’t been online for quite awhile, but I hope she had a great day – and you, too!

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