Saturday Posts . . .

First – Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my daughter, who just completed a collegiate level Calculus math class with an A-. FYI – Calculus was one math subject I never studied, because I couldn’t see any logic to the system. I’m very proud of her for her accomplishment.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Posts . . .

  1. Anita Warren says:

    I love the quote of the day and I love the data about your daughter!

    Now I must give you some news. On May 10, Les passed away… totally shocking… 68 years old. He was mowing the lawn and he literally dropped dead… He couldn’t be revived. I’ve been going through the stages of grief. I’m at the final stage which is acceptance and meaning… I don’t like to call it sad or bad news…. It seems Les has made this into something really good. He is continuing God’s work in a much better way now… I’m getting lots of visitation reports.. I’m grateful for the 35 years we had and I am moving on once I get the loose ends tied up, which is a LOT of work! LOL

    Love, Anita


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