Car Manufacturers . . .

This is an open letter to all car manufacturers selling cars in the USA.

Because I’ve been binge watching a show on the tubi application of the Playstation Network I’ve been seeing an estimated average of 2 New Car ads every hour of watching my show. IMHO – that by itself is ridiculous – but it gets worse.

Nearly every car ad I’ve seen is touting their vehicles as the most modern, most innovative, or most safe vehicle available. They all make at least one of those claims while tooting their own horn about how advanced the electronics package is.

I have news for you. I will NEVER buy a car that gives a computer control of any functions of the vehicle. I do not want satellite radio, and I was taught to use mirrors, not an onboard camera system, to see what’s happening behind me. If you want to impress me enough to buy a new vehicle you will leave out all of those things, and concentrate on delivering one thing that would actually be of value to the entire planet, especially the ecosystem.

DUMP THE IOCOCA BUSINESS MODEL OF PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE. Build a car that you can confidently put a 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty on, with NO deductibles, and the only exclusion would be traffic accidents. If the only things I had to pay attention to were fuel, tune-ups, brakes, and tires, and I was confident that the car would last or be replaced without me having to enter a new contract, THAT would be a car I’d be interested in buying.

Oh, one more thing. Do it for under $40k USD – after sales tax where applicable.


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