Filing Taxes . . .

My wife and I have, for as long as we’ve been together, filed our taxes as early as possible. This is because we’ve always gotten a Federal refund, and almost always gotten one from the state.

NOT THIS YEAR. Last Friday, we went to file our taxes, and were hit with a huge middle finger from the Biden Administration. Historically, we normally get between $1k and $1.2K USD for a refund. This year we learned we OWE nearly $1K USD. We owe money to both the Federal and State Government – something that has NEVER happened before.

If you haven’t filed your US Taxes yet – DON’T! Start saving money, and wait as long as you can to file. My dear friend Anita is likely the only middle-income person in the US who won’t have to pay taxes this year. Biden is royally screwing the middle-class, all to finance his socialist agenda.


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