Saturday Posts . . .

My wife and I may have finally found a replacement vehicle for the one destroyed in her accident a couple of weeks ago. She’s going to go test drive it today, if all goes well.

There are two primary reasons why she’s going to test drive it. First and foremost is that since she will be the one most using it, she must be comfortable with driving it. Second is that I have the training and skill to drive anything that can be legally used on US roads, so I’m not worried about what we end up with.

After getting our insurance settlement on the car, we determined that we had a budget of about $15k USD to spend on a replacement vehicle. The car we found is around $12k USD. It has a very favorable Carfax report, so we’re hopeful this is the end of our trial. I’m crossing all of my fingers (and yes, I am still able to do that, even with the arthritis in my hands! LOL!).

Personally, I’d have preferred a hybrid or an EV (all electric vehicle) – but even used cars in those categories seem to still be out of our price range, since we’re unwilling to finance anything we KNOW will go down in value. It’s just being smart about how we spend our money.


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