Happy Birthday . . .

Every year on this day, I hope to remember to do something special for my wonderful wife. Today is her birthday, and because it’s sandwiched between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when she was growing up she never actually got a personal birthday recognition. Her birthday was always part of the Christmas event, and every present she got was part of both.

Ever since we connected, I’ve tried to make her birthday a special, individual occasion. This year when I asked her what she wanted to do, she had no answer except to spend the day in leisure and relax. So, to mark her birthday, I’m writing this blog.

To my wife, I have this to say:

Sweetheart, in the nearly 24 years that we’ve known each other, I have known nobody like you. You have my back better than any of the Army personnel I ever served with. Love does not need to be earned, but even if it did you’d have earned it 1,000 times over. You are my soul mate, now and for the rest of my life. Happy birthday my partner in everything.


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