Saturday Postsl . . .

Today is the birthday one of my best friend’s.  Her name is Eibhlin (pronounced like Eliene)  – and she is an artist who’s mother was one of the original Disney animation artists.  She and I share several areas of intellectual. interests, not the least of which are interests in the paranormal and fine arts.

I truly hope that she has a wonderful birthday, and that she’s achieving everything she hopes to make of her life.

Happy Birthday,  Eibhlin.

Contractors . . .

I have no idea if what we have experienced lately is a part of a greater phenomena, but we’ve had a lot of trouble with local contractors in the last six months.

For example, the guy who installed, and has maintained, our house guttering for the last 6 years, was also the guy who was doing our mowing.  In the last 6 months, he’s been increasingly undependable, and has not cleaned our gutters since October, even though we paid in advance to have it done back that far.

We also just finished getting our house repainted, and even though we asked that the front door be painted to match the trim paint we selected, it did not happen.

I fully realize that Covid-19 has changed a lot of the rules of how contractors do jobs for private individuals, I am upset that we are having trouble getting contractors on the phone to discuss these problems.

We greatly prefer to give our business to local, even independent, contractors, for the specific reason of supporting local, self-employed businessmen.  Not only do they usually care more about doing a good job, but they also are people it is easy to develop a personal long-standing relationship with.

Except that the rules seem to have changed, since the genesis of Covid-19.  Since then, even the contractors we already had good relationships with have become difficult to get in touch with. They don’t answer their phones, and sometimes don’t even have voice-mail set up on their phones.  Several of the ones we’ve worked with for years are now distracted by jobs they took on that have nothing to do with the businesses they were building, but that they needed to keep their bills paid.

It breaks my heart to do so, but I feel that I have no choice but to replace the contractors that have become unreliable with other contractors who will respond when we call them.

As a foot-note, we had our house painted last week.  Our all-brick house is now a very light tan color with brick-red accents.  That cost us $2000 US plus the cost of the paint, but we’re already seeing a return on the investment.  Our HVAC system isn’t having to work as hard as before, in the job of keeping our home cool for the summer.

Anniversaries . . .

Ooops!  On July 10th, I missed acknowledging the 10th anniversary of the day my wife and I signed the documents to close the deal on buying our home.  It has been quite a ride.

Still, there is another far more important anniversary that I want to mark today.  This is the 20th Anniversary of when my wife and I stood before a St. Louis County, MO, Justice of the Peace and had his secretaries witness  that we exchanged vows to be Husband and Wife.

Happy Anniversary, honey.  To this day, I’m amazed that you put up with my bad jokes, my physical challenges, and the limits our marriage put on your quality of life.  I remain your faithful companion, and will be such as long as I am still able to help your life feel easier or better.

Love, Vernon