Saturday Posts . . .

For The Week starting now:

Please keep all educators and emergency health care personnel in your hearts throughout this coming week.  Here in the US, we have a rather unusual series of events taking place. None of these is rare by itself, but that they all happen this week certainly is.

1.  Tonight we have a time change due to the Daylight Saving Time adjustment.

2.  Later this week, we have a full moon.

3.  Friday will be a “Friday the 13th”.

Good luck, everyone!

Valentines Day . . .

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  This is the day when, each year, I pause to reflect on the amazing fact that my wife still wants to keep me around.  Why today?  Because we began dating on Valentines Day in 1999.  So, any babies born as we started our relationship are now old enough to buy liquor in any bar in the US, as far as I know.

Well, to my wife – Happy Valentines Day.  Thanks for keeping me around and putting up with all the trouble that has caused you.