Car Accident Update . . .

I’ve posted before about my wife getting hit by an impatient motorist while she was attempting to make a left turn from a highway. The accident demolished a car we’d had for several years, and was in very good condition. Up to that point, we had no plans to replace it. After the accident, we were forced to do just that.

I’m happy to say that my wife continues to recover, and is back to work, and is doing well. We’ve also found and purchased a replacement car. It is a 2015 Black Chevy Malibu, and had a very good Carfax report. When my wife took it to the shop that we go to for mechanic work, for a pre-purchase inspection, the shop reported a few general maintenance issues we should address, but nothing that needed urgent attention. So, we bought it.


Ambulance Chasers . . .

Isn’t it amazing how having your name published in a local newspaper for being in a vehicle accident can trigger an avalanche of unsolicited offers from “personal injury” lawyers who want to profit from your pain and suffering?

I previously posted on this blog that my wife was in an accident, and that when she saw the traffic investigator’s report of the accident she contacted a local lawyer about damages resulting from the incident. I was the one who referred her to a local lawyer, based on the fact that the same firm had helped my father over 30 years ago. My wife asked me about getting a lawyer, and I told her that was a good and respectable firm.

Imagine my (extreme lack of) surprise when we started getting mail and (multiple) daily phone calls from other lawyers offering UNSOLICITED representation. This is something that should be illegal. Not only are they calling during hours I’m trying to sleep, but we never asked them for anything. These “offers” are coming in from all over the state, and even law firms that are based in other states but are licensed to practice within our state. AFAIK (as far as I know) – my wife intends to stick with the firm I referred her to.

Saturday Posts . . .

My wife and I may have finally found a replacement vehicle for the one destroyed in her accident a couple of weeks ago. She’s going to go test drive it today, if all goes well.

There are two primary reasons why she’s going to test drive it. First and foremost is that since she will be the one most using it, she must be comfortable with driving it. Second is that I have the training and skill to drive anything that can be legally used on US roads, so I’m not worried about what we end up with.

After getting our insurance settlement on the car, we determined that we had a budget of about $15k USD to spend on a replacement vehicle. The car we found is around $12k USD. It has a very favorable Carfax report, so we’re hopeful this is the end of our trial. I’m crossing all of my fingers (and yes, I am still able to do that, even with the arthritis in my hands! LOL!).

Personally, I’d have preferred a hybrid or an EV (all electric vehicle) – but even used cars in those categories seem to still be out of our price range, since we’re unwilling to finance anything we KNOW will go down in value. It’s just being smart about how we spend our money.

Saturday Posts . . .

This is something I struggle to remind myself of with every challenge my wife and I face. We only succeeded in getting a rental car 3 days ago, because every time we tried to make a reservation the local dealership told us they didn’t have a car available. Despite such setbacks, we did manage to make progress towards replacing our car, by getting our insurance claim filed. My wife also decided that she wanted to pursue a lawsuit against the guy who hit her.

She made that decision (as I understand it) because of the official report from the Sheriff’s Department on the circumstances of the accident. It seems that at the exact time that she was attempting to make a left turn off of a 2-lane road, the truck that hit her was attempting to pass at least 3 vehicles, hers at the front. Someone with a massive entitlement complex thought he was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for safe passing conditions.

Saturday Posts . . .

This last week has been a challenge for us. We’ve still not succeeded in getting a rental car (but we have finally a reservation for Tuesday morning) – and because I’ve pushed myself trying to pick up the slack where my wife had trouble from the car accident, we’ve both been pushed into “coping mode” just to try to get through. Getting the car rental will help a great deal, as that will enable us to begin a proper search for a replacement car. We’ve looked at sites like Vroom and Carvana – but honestly we want something we can pay cash for in full, and those sites are entirely tailored to locking you into a monthly payment. The cars on those sites are at least $5K USD more than we want to spend. So, we’ll keep looking.

Saturday Posts . . .

One of the worst moments of my life . . .

Yesterday my wife took the day off to take our vacuum cleaner to a repair shop to find out why it wasn’t working correctly. Because she had to travel to a larger nearby city, while she was there she visited a health food store to get some things that we normally buy whenever we’re over there. While she was doing all of that, I was here at home trying to get some sleep.

At about 1530 (3:30pm) I heard the phone ring. When I answered it, a woman asked if she was talking to me. I assured her she was, and her reply sent chills down my spine. “Mr. Pope, I’m a nurse at the hospital ER, and we have your wife here – she’s been in an auto accident.”

Before I get any farther – I want to be clear that although she has many bruises and is in considerable pain, my wife suffered no major injuries and was released shortly after that phone conversation. However, it seems that our car was damaged enough that expectations are not high that it can be repaired at a cost comparable to it’s value, and all of the groceries she bought were ruined by getting left in the car. We have no idea if the vacuum cleaner survived.

Because it was Friday afternoon, we couldn’t get to any car rental agency before they closed – and because it is a holiday weekend we probably can’t get to one before Tuesday morning. We also can’t contact our insurance agency to file a claim until Tuesday morning, which leaves us mostly house bound for the balance of that time.

Even though we had to scramble to adjust our expectations for this weekend, we’ll be alright. Mostly I’m just glad to still have her here, to listen to my awful jokes.

Bad News . . .

My wife and I worked very hard, visiting reputable businesses on their websites, to find a new OS for this computer. It turns out, there isn’t one. The one we did order almost immediately gave me an error message when I started to install it yesterday. It wasn’t compatible with the CPU of this computer.

Knowing that we bought this computer nearly 12 years ago, and that the primary reason it has remained useful for this long was because we bought a “state of the art” PC Gaming system, I was hoping we could get something else of about the same modern quality.

It turns out – the cheapest new PC that would even come close to being a “state of the art” PC gaming system will cost us about $2500 USD through Best Buy, and around $3700 USD on eBay. Since we spent our income tax return for this year, plus about $1k of our savings, getting rid of those invasive vines around the east and north sides of our home, we don’t have the resources to replace this computer with anything that would have any hope of lasting another 12 years.

I’ll keep posting as long as I can, but I have no clue when I’m going to loose access to this website.