Equality . . .

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is someone ranting about social equality.  My wife and I recently bought the DVD for the movie Wonder Woman that came out in the last year or so, and in the special features there was a whole segment about all the women, on and off camera, who were involved in the making of the movie.  It seemed that every woman interviewed had something to say about “empowering women in movies”.

Now, I’ve said before that I LOVE that movie, but I don’t love it because it was made by hundreds of women, including the director and the heads of many departments (sets, costumes, make-up, hair dressing, etc.).  I love the movie because it is a great movie about a super heroine I’ve loved my entire life.

So, I want to point out something that should be PAINFULLY obvious, if you think about it.

EQUALITY is a factual IMPOSSIBILITY.  If we had true equality, I’d be able to play basketball as well as Michael Jordan at his best.  I’d have a body that looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 1970’s.  I’d have the stamina of the best Iron Man athlete in history, and a mind that would give Einstein, da Vinci, and Hawking a run for their money.  We’d all be the same height, weight, skin color, and GENDER.

It can’t be done.  This world does not work on equality – it works on individuality.  How many different species of domestic cat and dog are there?  How many types of tree, grass, or bird?

Whenever you hear someone ranting about equality – what you are probably hearing is that they do not like themselves.  They do not want to be special, and they do not want YOU to be special either.  Perhaps they are just afraid of you being successful at something they would do if they thought they could succeed.  Whatever their motive, they are trying to hold you down, make you mediocre.

But, I’ll make you a promise.  IF you will take a close look at yourself, what makes you passionate about life, what is different about you than everyone else around you, and you embrace that with everything you can give it, you will find that one thing that is most desired, and most elusive, about the human condition.


Thanksgiving . . .

Thanksgiving is – supposedly – a day set aside by the entire nation (here in the United States) to remember the reasons we have to give thanks.  Everything from veterans who have maintained our right to self-governance, to family and friends, and even our individually chosen faiths.

In that vein, I’d like to take a few moments to list some things I’m giving thanks for this year.

My wife, My friends, what remains of my health – those should be obvious, but I feel the need to list them anyhow.

I’m also thankful for something that happened literally yesterday.  I’d been sleeping, and when I awoke I tried to turn on my PS4 to check for activity in the communities I’m a member of.  The fact that 5 of those communities trust me to be a moderator makes this something I take seriously.

But, yesterday when I turned on the PS4, I could not get an image on the TV – no matter what I tried to do.  After several minutes of fighting with it – I told my wife that I thought we needed help.  I called our local electronics repair guru, only to find out from his wife/receptionist that he was out of town and they wouldn’t be able to help me before Monday.

So my wife called a local 2nd hand store to see if they had any PS4 units for sale.  They had one – a PS4 Pro with 1 Terabit hard drive – for $350.  We drove over there and bought it.  Then my wife dropped me off while she ran a few other errands before the holiday today.

Meanwhile, I began the process of installing the “new” PS4.  As I was removing the old unit – I noticed that the HDMI cable didn’t look right.  I checked the back of the old unit – and part of the HDMI cable was still stuck in the slot.  After pulling it out – I took the HDMI cable from the new unit and plugged it into the circuit  – and had a working PS4 again!  So, I called my wife and told her to stop and buy a new HDMI cable to replace the one I was using, and we returned the unit so someone who needed it can buy it.  The cost – aside from the driving and time – for the whole repair was about $10.

But, there is another thing about that which I am thankful for.  It hasn’t been so long ago that my wife and I had a very hard time with our finances, and even paying rent + utilities was a challenge.  Yet, in the years since, we’ve grown to where we can make a $350 purchase without sweating about it.  Even after spending over $10k on home and car maintenance during the 2017 calendar year.

THAT is a major victory for us.


Saturday Posts . . .

We had a little bit of excitement this week.  Thursday afternoon, I noticed that the computer monitor was not displaying the current time, as my screensaver would normally be having it do.  After a bit of quick searching, I determined that the monitor was dead.  By the time my wife got home from work and looked at it herself, I’d already realized that I had just over 24 hours until I needed to start posting this – so ordering a new monitor or waiting for the old one to be repaired were not ideal options.  After my wife called several local merchants she remembered seeing computer equipment at, we learned that really the only place to get a new monitor from, in this entire town, was Walmart.  As much as I hated to do it, we bought the monitor, and my PC is back in business.

Synchronicity strikes again . . .

About a half hour ago, I was on our front porch when a pickup-truck drove by pulling a flat-bed trailer.  On the trailer were two portable outhouses, custom painted metallic silver.  There was a wooden sign attached to the sides of both, and if I read it right, it said, “Political Action Service”.

That, by itself, was enough to get me laughing, and I shared it with my wife right away.  But, the humor was compounded quite a lot when, about 20 minutes later, someone rang our doorbell.  It was a young (mid 20’s?) woman looking for my wife.  She said she was from the Democratic Party.  I politely handed back the propaganda she offered, saying that we weren’t interested in either party at this time.  She graciously accepted the materials and left.  But I was thinking – “I know where this stuff really belongs.”  In those outhouses!  LOL.