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Words have power



Saturday Posts . . .

I’ve seen this attributed to several different sources.  My wife first told me about it as something that one of her professors in college had on his office door.

Here is the way it works.  If you want something of quality (good) then you can either get it fast, or cheap.  If you want it cheap, it takes longer.  If you want it fast, it will cost more.  Something that is cheap and fast can’t ever be quality.  It’s that simple.

In practical application – let’s use an example I’m very familiar with – leather crafting.  I can’t begin to adequately express my frustration when I hear someone say things like, “I’d rather pay $5 for a wallet right now, even if I know I’ll have to buy another one in a month.”  That’s going to cost them $60/year just for wallets.

But someone who is good at crafting leather goods can make a wallet in a few days that will last for 20 to 30 years.  If he charges a fair price for the materials and his time, that wallet will cost you about $150.    If you want a wallet fast and cheap, it will not last.

Or, to hit closer to home, people often say they can’t afford to eat healthy food.  So they’ll spend $5 per person for a meal at a fast-food place instead of cooking from scratch with healthy ingredients.  But, then they will have to follow that up with expensive health care – doctor visits, pharmaceutical prescriptions, perhaps even obesity and heart disease.  By the time you reach retirement age, you’re looking at spending 1/3rd of your income on health care, and if there is a crisis, one trip to the hospital can cost more than $10,000 AFTER your insurance has paid it’s share.  How expensive are those fast-food meals now?

Equality . . .

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is someone ranting about social equality.  My wife and I recently bought the DVD for the movie Wonder Woman that came out in the last year or so, and in the special features there was a whole segment about all the women, on and off camera, who were involved in the making of the movie.  It seemed that every woman interviewed had something to say about “empowering women in movies”.

Now, I’ve said before that I LOVE that movie, but I don’t love it because it was made by hundreds of women, including the director and the heads of many departments (sets, costumes, make-up, hair dressing, etc.).  I love the movie because it is a great movie about a super heroine I’ve loved my entire life.

So, I want to point out something that should be PAINFULLY obvious, if you think about it.

EQUALITY is a factual IMPOSSIBILITY.  If we had true equality, I’d be able to play basketball as well as Michael Jordan at his best.  I’d have a body that looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 1970’s.  I’d have the stamina of the best Iron Man athlete in history, and a mind that would give Einstein, da Vinci, and Hawking a run for their money.  We’d all be the same height, weight, skin color, and GENDER.

It can’t be done.  This world does not work on equality – it works on individuality.  How many different species of domestic cat and dog are there?  How many types of tree, grass, or bird?

Whenever you hear someone ranting about equality – what you are probably hearing is that they do not like themselves.  They do not want to be special, and they do not want YOU to be special either.  Perhaps they are just afraid of you being successful at something they would do if they thought they could succeed.  Whatever their motive, they are trying to hold you down, make you mediocre.

But, I’ll make you a promise.  IF you will take a close look at yourself, what makes you passionate about life, what is different about you than everyone else around you, and you embrace that with everything you can give it, you will find that one thing that is most desired, and most elusive, about the human condition.