Happy Anniversary . . .

I just want to wish my dear wife a happy anniversary.  We’ve now been married 19 years.

Honey – thanks for continuing to put up with me.  IMHO, you’re definitely the better half of us.


10 Years for US . . .

but a whole lifetime for him.  I’m talking about our pet cat, Merlin, who joined our family 10 years ago today.  You can find our original announcement here:


Sorry I don’t have any update photos to share, but he still doesn’t pose for cameras.  He does purr a lot, and he still chases shadows.  Now, though, he prefers to chase shadows that we aren’t deliberately making for his amusement.

First Anniversary…

Today I got a notice from WordPress that wished me “happy first anniversary” with WordPress.  Yes, I set up my new blog one year ago.  (I know, I have older posts here, but honestly, I imported them from my 10 year old LiveJournal blog).

So it would seem that this is a good time to take notice of some things.  Like the fact that 150 people have seen what I write and liked it enough that they signed up to follow it.  THANK YOU!

I have been harassed by spam-bots, and told that I should be the next US President.  I’ve had my ideas stolen verbatim without getting credit for them. I’ve been reblogged by a veteran’s advocate and a priest, as well as several other people.  Honestly, thank you for all of that, because it means my ideas are getting out there and having an impact – the very purpose of this blog.  THANK YOU!

I am humbled that you all care so much to respond to my writing like this.  It is a joy to share my world with you all.  Here’s to looking forward to the next year!  CHEERS!