Saturday Posts . . .

Believe it or not – this is a CAKE that was made by a local baker/artist (yes, besides running her baking shop, she also was an instructor in the art department at the university).


Fine Art – in more ways than one . . .

I happened across this website yesterday, that had a series of paintings that were deliberately made to speak to women about aging, body issues, body images, and that sort of thing.  Since the artist is also a woman who, as she said on the site, is now reaching the age her parents were when she was conceived, she wanted to speak to all those issues from her perspective.  The results are brilliant – but with a caveat.  All photos behind this link are NSFW (not safe for work) . . .  for nudity of adult and senior women.

Fine art  by Aleah Chapin

Looking for an artist . . .

I have a mysterious painting hanging on a wall in my house.  It is quite good, and we’re happy to have it.  Especially since we found it propped up against the side of a dumpster behind the apartment building we used to live in back in St. Louis, perhaps 11 years ago.

But the mystery is the signature.  On the front of the painting is the name “Paul Jensen” – but I’ve only found one contemporary artist with that name and his catalog does not include an image that matches this.  So, if you know an artist named Paul Jensen, I’d dearly like to get in direct communication with him about this “foundling”.