Bad News . . .

My wife and I worked very hard, visiting reputable businesses on their websites, to find a new OS for this computer. It turns out, there isn’t one. The one we did order almost immediately gave me an error message when I started to install it yesterday. It wasn’t compatible with the CPU of this computer.

Knowing that we bought this computer nearly 12 years ago, and that the primary reason it has remained useful for this long was because we bought a “state of the art” PC Gaming system, I was hoping we could get something else of about the same modern quality.

It turns out – the cheapest new PC that would even come close to being a “state of the art” PC gaming system will cost us about $2500 USD through Best Buy, and around $3700 USD on eBay. Since we spent our income tax return for this year, plus about $1k of our savings, getting rid of those invasive vines around the east and north sides of our home, we don’t have the resources to replace this computer with anything that would have any hope of lasting another 12 years.

I’ll keep posting as long as I can, but I have no clue when I’m going to loose access to this website.