For the video gamers . . .

Normally, I would put this on my LiveJournal blog, but there seems to be a technical problem keeping me from logging in – every time I try to pull up the site it crashes my browser.

Still – this is something exciting (at least for me, and like-minded gamers) that bears sharing.

Bethesda has released the first 3 games of The Elder Scrolls game series through the DRM-free distribution site  What makes this exciting is that the first 2 games in the series were not designed to be played on the PC – and emulators have struggled (mostly in vain, in my experience) to make them playable.  GOG has it’s own launch interface that seems to flawlessly make those games playable on my PC.  Right now, they have a bundle-sale going on where you can get all 3 – PLUS 2 spin-off parallel games related to the series – for a hair over $21 USD.  It IS worth a look!

The Last Straw…

483px-SR-cover-Skyrim_Box_ArtOk, I knew when I bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for my PC last year that it was supposed to need some sort of authentication cycle with the online company called STEAM.  I had hoped (in vain, as it turns out) that I could at least install the game on the PC, even without some features.  Nope, it wouldn’t even complete the installation without me signing into a STEAM account that I didn’t have.  So, I took the disc out of my PC and put it on a shelf.

Now, boredom has overtaken me to a huge degree, and so I thought I’d give it another shot.  I was fully prepared to have to create a STEAM account just for the one action of authenticating my disc – that is how bored I am lately.  I even have Skyrim on my PS3 – I’m wanting it on the PC so I can use some mods that friends have shared with me.  Sony won’t allow you to install mods on PS3 games.

So, I put the disc into my NEW PC, and ………. nothing.  The computer treats it like a bad disc.  Just to make sure it wasn’t the drive, I installed The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from another disc I had on the shelf.  It installed perfectly on the first try.  The only guess I have is that when I aborted the install on the old computer – somehow Bethesda had a kill-switch built into the software that ruined the disc so it can’t be used ever again.  I don’t even know how they would do that, but I haven’t any other ideas as to why that game won’t install on a brand new computer.

Now I’m so upset with Bethesda I am willing to boycott them.  I love the games they made in the past that I’ve played – but I will never play another of their games if they don’t trash the protectionist attitude BS.  They can afford to lose money on 2% of the games in circulation – I don’t enjoy wasting $65 on a game that I bought from a legal retail outlet.