Funny math story . . .

I was just talking on the phone with my daughter, who called to wish me a happy birthday.  Yep, it’s today.

But, it got me to thinking.  I remember an incident back when I was 10, when one of my aunts asked me what age I thought was when a person was “old”.  My answer at the time was 18.

Well, it turns out I have now officially lived 3x that long.  18 x 3 = 54.  So if 18 was old, I’m ancient now.  But, an interesting side note is – I was 18 when I had my left leg operated on for a bone tumor.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm…….

Hope it’s a great one . . .

Today is my wife’s birthday, so I’m hoping she has a great day. Unfortunately, the weather is bad and she has a doctor’s (well, chiropractor) appointment in Fort Scott later. Drive carefully, honey.

UPDATE: About an hour after I posted this blog this morning, my wife noticed that there was rain mixed with sleet already coming down outside, and later noted that several people she knows via Facebook (she uses it for work, unfortunately) were reporting cars in the ditch between here and Ft. Scott. Taking all of that into consideration, she called the chiropractor’s office and rescheduled her appointment.