Not All News Is Bad . . .

I have way too much time on my hands, so one of the consequences of that is that I spend more time than I need to reading news on the internet.

But, as someone stated in a reply to the HeroicStories blog, if you think about it, the exceptional tends to make the news, not the ordinary.  It would be easy to get paranoid, or even depressed, over the world events that do make the news.  What we don’t realize, most of the time, is that good things happen as well.

Besides the blog – there is another blog that posts DAILY feel-good news stories.  Because of this, I feel they deserve kudos, and a shout-out.  Here is the link:

While I still can . . .

I have a confession to make.  The reason I haven’t been posting much the last few months is that I am having a rough time with this arthritis in my left hip.

Remember a while back when I posted the story about how the bone tumor in my left leg was found?  It was caught VERY early because I am so tuned in to how my body feels that the onset of the tumor was enough to trigger severe pain and keep me from walking on the leg.

So, imagine being that sensitive, and living with actual problems that have shown up on x-ray and MRI tests for a couple of years.  Ok, those problems wouldn’t normally bother even me so much, but for the last 3 months we’ve had rain or storms in this area every day – except 4.  I’ve counted.  Sometimes they are east of us, as far away as Springfield, Missouri.  Sometimes they are south of us as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Well, you get the idea.  Keep drawing a circle – Broken Arrow, OK, Chanute, KS, Ft. Scott, KS, Nevada, MO.  Any storm that has yellow and red coloring on the radar image and is as close as any of those places will cause me enough discomfort that I can’t sleep.

Here is what the VA said about my hip when I (finally!) got the results of an MRI that was done at the beginning of this month:

1. Mild degenerative changes in the left hip joint.  
       2. Minimal inflammation involving the proximal vastus lateralis
       and gluteus maximus muscles adjacent to the greater trochanter.  
       3. Mild cellulitis in the subcutaneous fat overlying the lateral
       4. Subcortical lesion in the posterior left femoral head is
       stable in size back to May 2012 CT with signal characteristics
       suggestive of a small enchondroma. Consider followup MRI in one
       year to insure stability.

See – according to them, even though there are 4 problems going on in the same hip, they are all mild and merit only being monitored.  But, as I said before – my sensitivity is such that these are interfering with my sleep.

And that is my real problem.  I’m down to only sleeping about 1.5 to 3 hours at a time.  Add to that this – I absolutely can’t sleep at night because the heat has been so bad during the day that I am forced to do laundry at night, and only 1 or 2 loads per night.  As I’m writing this, it is just past 0500 (5:00 am) here – and the temperature is 79F degrees with a heat index of 83F.  The sun hasn’t even started to come up yet.

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be thinking clearly enough to do these blogs, so this is a head’s up.  I’m going to pre-schedule as many Saturday Posts as my WordPress account will let me, and then hope for the best.  But, to keep from sounding like a broken record, I won’t keep updating you all the time about how bad the weather is or how my arthritis feels.


Because of one person . . .

who could not respect my clear and specific copyright notice, I have taken the extreme measure of making my entire blog “Private”.  I’m sorry for any trouble or inconvenience this causes.

I have filed a DMCA complaint with Word Press, and the process of sorting this out is happening.  Until it is sorted out, I don’t think I’m going to write any new blogs.  I’m just not in the mood, and I don’t think my voice is that important that the universe will care if I write anything or not.

Sad statistic . . .

Oh, I realize that there are other things to be concerned about, or at least interested in, happening all over the globe.  However, as this one affects me more or less directly, it was hard to avoid.

You see, when I first started this blog, I put all comments on monitored status.  I really didn’t expect to get much traffic – I’ve been blogging on LiveJournal for over 10 years and can count on one hand the number of comments made on any post that didn’t come from a friend, or someone who became a friend. Truth be told, my blogs over there don’t get a whole lot of traffic even including friends.

That said, I was rather impressed when I saw my blogs here climb over 20 subscribers, and achieve the rank of 5 unique visits per day consistently.  I thought that was mind boggling.  Little did I know what was coming.

When I wrote the post on “Diet and Weight Loss” it very quickly became one of the most viewed blogs I’ve EVER written.  Which is pretty amazing since I didn’t offer any advice of any kind – I was just complaining about the fact that I feel judged by those who don’t face the challenges I have.  Imagine my surprise when I started screening 20 comments or more EVERY DAY on that one blog – all with user names or URL’s advertising some sort of weight loss product.  My first response was to edit a few and let them post, while replying to them that I would not allow links to any commercial product.

That didn’t work, as the comments kept coming.  So I closed that post to all comments, and edited my Copyright notice to reflect that I would not approve comments advertising products.  Undaunted, the comments continue to flood in – but now they are targeted at the “Spirituality Newsletters?” post.  I’m still blocking/deleting around a dozen comments per day.  And the URL’s are still going to sites that advertise Diet & Weight Loss products.

I know that some would say, “this is the price of fame” – and I’d agree, except that I don’t feel famous.  I’m a nobody who happens to voice his opinions through a blog, and about 26 people currently appreciate it enough to listen.  26 people – in a nation of 310 Million.  Oh, and did I mention that 3 of my most faithful pings are coming from other countries?  I get a daily ping out of Brazil, and almost daily pings from Italy and Spain.  I’m not what most people would call “famous”.  Nor am I a celebrity of any sort.  I’m just an over-the-hill disabled veteran with too much time on my hands and a brain I can’t disengage from the world around us.

The real question is – who are these people who can’t understand that I won’t allow others to profit from links to my blogs?