Brand Partnering . . .

I understand the reasoning behind brand partnering. One strong brand partners with another in an effort to reach out to a demographic audience that they haven’t really connected with. However, as I recently discovered, it can backfire.

I finally managed to get through the supply chain limits to get a new X-box Series X. I bought it through Best Buy, and they shipped it directly to my home. Unpacking it and getting it set up (using the cables from my PS3) wasn’t much of a challenge, except for the physical activity of doing it.

But, I couldn’t activate it. There were only 3 ways to get the activation code – I needed either a smart phone, a Google account, or an Amazon account. I don’t have any of them. So, after much cussing and berating of the corporations of America, I did my best to repack the X-box and sent it back to Best Buy for a full refund.