Thinking about Brexit . . .

FYI – if you don’t already know, Brexit is a coined term, and is a contraction of the two words “British Exit” used in reference to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

There is something very humorous, and somewhat tragic, about the current state of affairs in the UK. While the British are triggering their own move to independence from the EU, they are simultaneously blocking Scotland from holding a referendum on becoming sovereign themselves. The humorous part is that they are using a previous referendum’s results to justify their block.

The tragic part is – Britain seems to be incapable of admitting that they themselves have nullified the result of the previous referendum.


It’s easy – the previous referendum was about whether or not Scotland should become an independent nation. At the time, remaining in the UK ALSO meant remaining in the EU. By triggering Brexit, Britain has changed the conditions the vote was held under, shortly after it was held.

Now that Britain is leaving the EU, Scotland has a right to again ask it’s citizens whether they want to be British or remain in the EU, because NOW they are two very different questions.


Video: Why a Lesbian Business Owner Is Standing Up for a Christian Printer’s Right to Refuse Making T-Shirts for a Gay Pride Event

I’ve said before that compelling someone to serve customers they would choose not to is a version of slavery. We all have the right to choose who we associate with, and under what conditions. Running a privately-owned business does not mean you’ve signed away your rights as a human being.

The Silent Soldier

November 18, 2014

Taking Back America:

As the battle rages on over whether Christian-owned businesses should be exempt from offering certain services to gay clients, a lesbian-owned T-shirt company based in New Jersey is taking a perspective that might surprise some conservative advocates.


Kathy Trautvetter, who founded BMP T-Shirts in 2003 with her partner, Kathy, told TheBlaze Wednesday that both women believe that businesses shouldn’t be forced by the government to violate their religious conscience.

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Crossing borders . . .

There seems to be no end to the willingness of some people to use social rules as a hammer to force others to behave as they wish. Right now, I’m specifically thinking about the whole “civil rights” movement, and “gay rights” . . .

You see, I agree that it was wrong for Christians to try to pass laws outlawing practices that harmed no one else, but were offensive to them because of their religion. I think that was part of the reason why the Founding Fathers of the US put the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Spirituality, when it’s done right, is private and personal. When it’s done wrong, it’s a hammer forcing ideas on others.

But, it is just as wrong now for “Gay Rights” or LGBT groups to use the courts to try to force anyone to participate in any aspect of their lives involuntarily. That is just the pendulum swinging too far to the other extreme.  They are now doing to others what they didn’t like when it was done to them.  I agree with my whole heart that everyone should be free to marry anyone who is willing to marry them – but I do not agree that the happy couple has a right to demand that a specific baker make their wedding cake if he is unwilling to do it. Besides – do you really want urine-flavored icing? No, I do not think it HAS happened, but I do certainly believe it is as possible as stirring spit into a bowl of soup.

I see examples of extremism at almost every website that I visit. In addition to which, my dad is a fundamentalist Christian. So, I’ve seen and heard it all – everything, that is, except anyone looking for neutral ground. I’d like to offer that neutrality.

Let’s make a law that absolutely protects the rights of anyone to marry anyone else who freely consents (caveat to the age limits) in all states of the US. But, in the same law, at the same time, we absolutely protect the rights of business owners to refuse service to anyone who is not being directly and immediately hurt by that refusal. With the internet, cell phones, smart phones, 320 million people, 200+ variations on religion, 17,000+ communities, and a half dozen different kinds of transportation, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who will do business with you with a glad heart.