Don’t vote for Hillary – ever . . .

We recently got treated to the revelation that, instead of following government policy and using a government email address to handle her State Department communications while she was the Secretary of State, Hillary used a private email address that she cached on her own private server.

Now, we find out that this put ALL of that communication (not just the part that she read or didn’t turn over when she resigned, but even the possible spam) at risk of being copied by foreign agents – because she used a private 3rd party spam filtering service.  It didn’t even need to be hacked – someone legitimately working for the spam service could have done it while doing their job.  Why?  Because they had to de-crypt EVERY email sent to her account to even determine what was spam or not!

Keep in mind, part of her job included DIRECT contact with the President of the United States – for the entire 6 years she held that post.

Hillary Clinton may be the person anointed by the press as the next president, but she shouldn’t even be allowed on the ballot.  She should be in prison for violating national security.  Oh, I forgot – the rules don’t apply to her.