Voter Fraud in California documented . . .

Election monitors in California have released video that documents the Democratic Primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders by altering ballots after the votes were submitted.  In the film, a monitor reports that almost half the ballots in the box of ballots she witnessed had been so altered, always against Sanders.


California Ballots altered

Trump can’t shake the racist accusation — NoneOfTheAbove — Arlin Report

By Patrick Colliano In a tweet dated May 16, 2016, Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars shared this meme on Twitter. I wouldn’t describe Paul Joseph Watson as a ‘shoot first; ask questions later’ type. He is more of a ‘shoot first; don’t ask questions at all’ type. Even a simple Google search would have exposed […] […]

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Analysis: Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gifts for Republicans – Clinton offers GOP 3 presents in Democratic debate

The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed


Source: The Market Ticker blog, by Karl Denninger

The fear in both the GOP and Democratic party is visible at the surface when it comes to Trump, and it’s not that he’s any of what they’ve accused him of.  No, it’s really much simpler than that, and both Republican and Democrat parties, along with the mainstream media, are utterly terrified that you, the average American, is going to figure out what underlies all of these institutions in America.

No, it’s not that they’re evil.

It’s worse, for evil frequently is recognized and fought back yet for decades America has not awakened to what has been going on in the political and media establishment.  It was evident during the Vietnam war and has only gotten worse since.

For those who don’t recall the Tet Offensive was an attack launched by the NVA and VietCong by some 70,000 troops in a…

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When Does Hillary Realize She’s In Trouble?

I don’t particularly care for Fiorina, but that would be a funny turn of events for H.

Desert Musings

Hillary Clinton has to be either one of the greatest actresses in American history, or one of the blindest when it comes to viewing her potential demise in the Democrat party. It’s amazing that this woman can go out day after day, in the glaring spotlight of media attention, with scandal surrounding her on all sides, and poll numbers dropping faster than Jerrod losing weight on Subway sandwiches, and not seem to notice she’s a failure at this too.

Do me a favor, and go to the following link:

It was taken on Thursday night during Hillary’s three-day, emergency stop in New Hampshire where she continues to trail Bernie Sanders by 10 points. It’s a shot of her rally at the University of New Hampshire, in what looks…

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TREASON! It Is Now Official: The Democrat Party Is a Party of Traitors – Eagle Rising

As with most things in US politics these days, there are plenty of people on both sides of the isle who are qualified to use this appellation.


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Watch As Hillary Clinton Unbelievably Compare Republican Americans To “Terrorist Groups”

No doubt about it; most leading Democrats absolutely hate everything that ever made the US a great nation.

The Silent Soldier

imageedit_2_4679910797August 27, 2015

ByLorra B.

At a campaign event on Thursday Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to bash Republicans by comparing them to “some terrorist groups” with “extreme views about women.” Her strong words were in response to the Republican Party searching for different avenues to discontinue federal funding of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics.

Clinton Stated, “I would like these Republican candidates to look the mom in the eye who caught her breast cancer early because she was able to get a screening for cancer, or the teenager who didn’t get pregnant because she had access to contraception, or anyone who’s ever been protected by an HIV test. Now, extreme views about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to…

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Dems and Reps no longer the majority

The following is excerpted from the article I link to at the end, which was posted on Yahoo News. – V


Record numbers of American voters are rejecting both major political parties – Democrat and Republican. Instead, according to new poll findings, they’re registering to vote as Independents in increasing numbers.

Call it a political plague on both your houses, to mangle Shakespeare. But record numbers of American voters are rejecting both major political parties – Democrat and Republican. Instead, according to new poll findings, they’re registering to vote as Independents in increasing numbers.

Specifically, according to new Gallup findings, the number of self-declared Independents has climbed to a record 43 percent, the highest number since the pollster began tallying such figures  back in 1988 – leaving Democrats and Republicans trailing far behind at 30 percent and 26 percent respectively.