7 nutrients you can’t get…

There are 7 important nutrients that you can’t (at least not easily) get from plant based sources.


This is one of the (many) things I do like about the Paleo Diet – while making sure you get plenty of veggies and tubers, you still eat meats.  I feel that, at least for me, this is the best diet plan around.

BONUS:  Here is a link to a report on how much Vitamin D you need in order to prevent bone disease and a host of other problems.


Update on 10-Day Detox

Something happened on the evening of December 30th that, upon reflection, I thought I should share as a potential warning.

Please, pay attention to what your body tries to tell you about your dietary needs.  You never know where a food sensitivity issue will be lurking.

In this specific case, I’ve now tried two different diets within the last year that included avocados.  The first was an almost-all-smoothie diet that produced very quick negative results for me.  The second was this one, which had less avocado, until I switched from the Chicken Soup lunches to the Tuna-Avocado salad for lunch.  The very same day I made the switch had disastrous results.  There was an 8-hour period beginning around 2pm (1400 hrs) when I was rushing to the bathroom every hour.

Needless to say, as of yesterday, I’m back on the Chicken Soup.