The Martian . . .

My wife and I watched the Matt Damon movie “The Martian” last night.  It’s a pretty good movie, but I think I’m going to sue Matt Damon anyhow.  I had disco music in my dreams all night.  (joke)

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand that.

Actually, I was a teenager during the disco age (1970’s) – and I’ll defend disco even now.  It’s not a bad music style.  Most of it is up-beat, most of it has positive messages, and it’s great to dance to.  Think of it as a softer version of what came later.  Instead of Ace of Base, you have ABBA or Gloria Gaynor (who both had music in the movie).  Watching “The Martian” was absolutely a walk down memory lane for me.  I knew EVERY song they used in the show.